Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Take a study break--WIN $500

Having the back to school blues? Financial strains from buying books? One company is taking the stress out of school by offering a fun and unique way to take a real study break, while making some serious cash.

Remember when you were a kid and loved to skate around your house on wood floors with your socks on? And your mom was probably screaming at you in the background--- Well now you can strap on a pair of FunSlides Carpet Skates (www.funslides.com) and experience the feeling of running in your socks on a hardwood floor. Made with a friction resistant plastic base and foam foot grip, Carpet Skates let you show off your ramping and spinning skillz while sliding on carpet.

Hurry!! Hurry!! Break time is almost up...


First 50 students to visit this page-
http://www.funslides.com/facebook.html will receive a free pair of skates in the mail to use in this contest!!

We want to make you famous! Enter our Carpet Skate contest, make a crazy video, and we will post it to this Facebook page! The best video gets $500!!

Get the skates. Get creative. Video tape it. Email katie@blastoutdoors.com. She will post your video to this page and the public can vote for the best, funniest, craziest mini-movie.

Do not post right to this page- your video will be removed. Must send to katie first.

1. No Nudity, Drugs or Alcohol use in videos
2. First 50 to sign up here-
will receive a free pair of Carpet Skates
3. Not in the first 50? You can purchse a pair for $19.99 at www.funslides.com and enter the contest
4. Best video gets $500

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